Corporate, Workshops and Coaching

The benefits of improvisation are increasingly being discovered and leveraged in the corporate world. Outside of comedy clubs and theatre games, the techniques and mindset required by performing improvisers have significant value when applied to idea and content generation, team building and dysfunction diagnosis, and solidification of a group identity.

The RH Experience provide consultancy services and have developed custom workshops for numerous companies and brands, including Google / YouTube, Microsoft / Skype, and BlackBerry, as well as non-profit groups and schools. Contact us to discuss more about how we can help your business, and tailor an improvisation workshop to your team’s requirements.

The RH Experience have also coached a number of London-based improvisers and troupes; we also have our own monthly workshops in the pipeline for 2016 - watch this space! If there’s anything specific we can assist with, please take a look at our individual profiles and expertise, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if one (or more) of us can help you develop your skills!